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No one is complete without their village – so I’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s feedback, questions, collaboration inquires or anything in between. Just send an email to happy@happinessaintcheap.com.

Why We Exist...

I created HAPPINESS AIN’T CHEAP because on my own pursuit of happiness I learned how confusing, hard, lonely, and mentally expensive it could be. That was until I realized that happiness, just like life, is a journey and not a destination. And to get the most out of your trip, you have to love on yourself and continually fuel it with self-care.

So HAPPINESS AIN’T CHEAP is a beauty & self-care store & resource that is here to be realistic, honest, and supportive on the pursuit of happiness. We craft informative articles, create digital self-care guides, and curate beauty & lifestyle products to help you prioritize self-care & self-love. All in efforts to keep you inspired while actively on the pursuit of happiness. I call it Real Retail Therapy™. Which is a full circle moment for me now that I’ve turned my 10+ year retail buying, merchandising, and beauty career into passion and purpose.

And to ensure that our advocacy for Real Retail Therapy™ is actually therapeutic, the beauty & self-care products on HAPPINESS AIN’T CHEAP provide an added mental, cultural, or physical value that goes beyond its main skin-deep purpose.  And that makes me completely happy.

Wishing you peace, happiness, and more self-care,