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Self-care is a necessary expense

Self-care is a necessary expense. Gone are the days where self-care and treating yourself were thought of as a luxury. Our mental well-being should be above all, so the SELF-CARE BUDGET helps you prioritize what’s really important – you! With the SELF-CARE BUDGET you can organize both your time & your money to take care off all of your responsibilities; yourself included.


The SELF-CARE BUDGET has a fillable monthly budget template to help you map out your income, savings, and expenses, with a dedicated section to self-care. Each category is broken out so that you can easily track your expenses, making sure they don’t exceed your monthly income. Take the stress out of budgeting.


There is a fillable monthly calendar section in the SELF-CARE BUDGET to designate self-care days. This is where you can mark out the days each week that you will commit to spending time for self-care and the stuff that makes you happy. Remember, YOU should be included in your schedule.

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