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THE BEAUTY MOOD GUIDE is a digital self-care handbook designed to teach you how to prioritize self-care & help you find your way back to happy, no matter your current mood.

This self-care guide is filled with self-care activities, tips, positive affirmations, 10 guided journals, and curated beauty product recommendations to help you defeat each mood, feel beautiful, and stay happy.

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is here to REMIND YOU that
self-care IS selfish.

And THE BEAUTY MOOD GUIDE teaches you how to be selfish about your own happiness. It’s full of proven self-care activities,  tips, affirmations, journal prompts, and beauty & self-care products to help you selfishly maximize self-care and overcome any mood.

self-care activities

Each mood section includes self-care activities that are proven to help you conquer the specific bad moods. They help you relieve stress, prioritize yourself, and get back to being happy.

10 guided journals

Every section includes fillable digital journals, with prompts that are designed to help you vent, understand, overcome, and prevent each mood.

beauty & self-care products

Self-care is an inside AND outside job. The beauty & self-care product recommendations in this guide work hand-in-hand with each set of self-care activities & journals for a complete self-care experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the guide?

THE BEAUTY MOOD GUIDE has a dedicated section for each of the 10 common moods. Whenever you feel like you’re in one of those moods go to its page to recite the affirmations, do the self-care activities, and write in the guided journals. We also recommend that you shop the beauty & self-care products in the guide for future use to get even more out of it!

I already practice self-care. how does this guide help?

Your self-care routine should vary based on your situations & emotions.  And THE BEAUTY MOOD GUIDE does the work for you. It’s designed to be an on-hand resource for when your emotions are getting the best of you. So if you’re feeling stressed and don’t even want to think about what to do, pick up your THE BEAUTY MOOD GUIDE, turn to that page, and your self-care routine is laid out for you so you can relieve the stress & get back to being happy.

CAN I REUSE THe guide?

Yes! This self-care handbook can be used & reused however you like! You can print the pages or save the guide as many times as you want. The pages are also fillable so you can type on them from your computer!

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