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Our Mission

At Happiness Ain't Cheap our soul's purpose is to help you find self-love and happiness through self-care. We aim to teach you how to create intentional self-care routines by curating product collections, creating free digital self-care guides, and crafting inspirational blog posts that help you prioritize self-care and happiness.

A note from the founder

Our Story

Happiness Ain't Cheap was created during the depths of a transformational time in my life. A time where I learned that happiness is a choice, and to be truly happy I have to choose me. I realized that self-care & self-love weren't just vanity words; they were essential to a happy, healthy life. And that's a lesson I vowed to keep learning & sharing. I want to teach people how to love themselves deeply, and prioritize their own happiness.

But honestly, happiness ain’t cheap. Learning self-love, finding out what actually makes you happy, continually working on your personal growth, and
protecting your peace is all hard work. It takes huge investments and commitments. But self-care is a necessary expense. And I want to make all of
that easier for you. I want to take the burden out of self-care.

Happiness Ain't Cheap allows me live out that purpose. So I hope Happiness Ain't Cheap helps you as much as it has helped me.

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Happiness Ain't Cheap is a self-care destination.

We create collections of self-care products, provide free self-care guides & handbooks, and write informative blogs to help you level up your self-care routines.

Self-Care Products

We curate beauty and lifestyle products into unique collections that work together to solve your self-care needs. Our products have nourishing ingredients and amazing benefits that work beyond their skin-deep purpose.

Self-Care Guides

We create free digital self-care guides and handbooks that enhance your self-care routines, and teach you how to incorporate self-care into your daily life.

The Blog

We write informative, inspirational, and relatable blog posts that provide advice and support to make self-care easier for you.


Hear from those we've helped self-care their way to happiness...

FIRST👏🏽 OF 👏🏽ALL👏🏽 I was drawn to this candle because of its name but this candle gives me life! The scents definitely compliment each other to leave a soft aroma in your house and gets down in your soul. This one is a game changer and helps you to really LET THAT **** GO!


Happy customer

Everything smells heavenly.....like you seriously cannot stay in a funk once you smell the soap, candle, oil and that BUTTER BABYYYY OMG!!! THAT BUTTER HAS YOU TRANSPORTING TO A MAKE BELIEVE ISLAND


Happy customer

I bought the Happiness Smells Good Bundle for my sister for her birthday and she can not stop thanking me for the purchase. I know she has been looking at similar product for a while and has not really found success. She keeps raving about the Body Butter and the Facial Mist. You can not go wrong with this bundle.


Happy customer

I'm a candle junkie and only wanted to try this one because of the wooden wick, but this is candle is going to be go-to candle for a while now! It smells soo good! But it's a very light smell, so pleasant but not overpowering. It gives me spa vibes! It's definitely my self-care candle now LOL!


Happy customer

The lemon scent literally makes me so happy. Amazing! And I like that it’s a lightweight lotion, but still very moisturizing


Happy customer

Listen Linda! This scrub will have you thinking you're getting a 5 star spa treatment. When I say my skin feels like a newborn baby...BABY! LOL! Seriously I don't even need to put on lotion my skin is moisturize from the scrub alone! And the scent stays on you....so you're literally a walking beach at sunset...... definitely will be repeating this product again!


Happy customer

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