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You should start sharing your spiritual care routine like you share your skincare routine. We’re so quick to gleam over our newest moisturizer, or post a selfie with a wine glass and face mask in tow. Yet what about those other things you’re doing to combat what prompted your self-care day in the first place? Don’t forget to tell your friends about your latest journal purchase, or post the devotional you read that led to a major revelation, or share how you quietly brought crystals in hopes of balancing your chakras. All of it is important. However, I get it. Sometimes your spiritual journey is too personal, or intrusive, to share. But you know how good it feels when someone posts a skincare routine that solves the same acne issue you have? Exactly. If we let go and shared more, we could all get inspiration for our spiritual self-care routines.


Simply put, spiritual care is a form of self-care. While many forms of spiritual care are based in religion or cultural traditions, the essence of your spiritual care routine should be whatever feeds your mind and soul. Spirituality is a personal practice. So just like your self-care routine, you can create a spiritual care routine that works uniquely for you. The goal for a spiritual self-care routine is to create inner peace and reflect on your mental health, so that you can work on becoming a better, healthier, happier version of yourself. So just like your skincare routine, you have to spend time making sure you’re beautiful on the inside too.

Self-care products with holistic properties can make great additions to your spiritual self-care routine because they help create a calming and peaceful environment, inside and out. These beauty and self-care products can help you prioritize your best self, and craft a spiritual self-care routine, or self-care kit, that nourishes your soul.


The LAVENDER THORNE Serendipity Body Oil harnesses the power of essential oils to repair and moisturize your skin. In addition this body oil also works to relax both your skin and your mind. The organic ingredients like coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and extra virgin olive oil are blended together to nourish and hydrate your skin. And other essential oils like Frankincense and geranium are credited with energy balancing and awareness to open the door for spiritual alignment. You just spray it on and rub it in leaving you with moisturized skin, and a crisp and clean floral scent that is not overwhelming. This body oil is naturally good, and makes you feel good on the inside and out.


The KARACOTTA CERAMICS Smudge Pop is a cute way to cleanse your mind and atmosphere. It’s based in a Palo Santo stick, which is wood from a tree native to South America. The wood stick is burned to repel negative energy, attract calming positive energy, relieve stress & anxiety, and have an overall cleansing effect on your body and mind. And the Smudge Pop™ is helmed in fresh flowers, rosemary, and herbs that are bound together by beeswax to release purifying goodness for your spirit. This smudge tool brings charm and modernity to a historically spiritual self-care routine. Bring on the positive vibes.


With the DETOX BABE Bye Bye Stress Bath Soak stress-relief never felt better. Making alone-time for a soothing hot bath is a top form of self-care, and this bath soak elevates it. It’s made with organic essential oils, flowers, and other ingredients that relax your stress and anxiety away, and improve your overall mood. This combination of lavender, bergamot, Frankincense, and chia seed oils works to reduce your cortisol levels, and bring forth a stress-free and relaxed state of mind. And then red beet powder and Epsom salt detox and pacify your body. Just let the bath soak dissolve in warm bath water and let your troubles melt away.


THE BEAUTY MOOD GUIDE Digital Download, from Happiness Ain’t Cheap, is a digital self-care handbook that is designed to help you find your way back to happy, no matter your current mood. In this guide you’ll find 10 common moods we all experience along with helpful tips, guided journals, and positive affirmations to help you overcome them.  In addition you’ll also find a curated collection of beauty and self-care product recommendations that have added value in helping you to defeat each mood, feel beautiful, and stay happy. For those days when you need a mental health break, or just some overall self-care to feel happy, THE BEAUTY MOOD GUIDE Digital Download is essential.


Positive vibes don’t always just exist. Sometimes you have to invite them, or create them. With THE POSITIVE VIBES BUNDLE box you’ll have what you need to harness good energy and a calm, peaceful mind state that welcomes it. In the bundle is the KARACOTTA CERAMICS Smudge Pop which helps you cleanse your environment and get rid of bad energy. Then there is the DETOX BABE Bye Bye Stress Bath Soak that amps up your self-care and bath time by detoxifying your body, and alleviating stress and anxiety. And the LAVENDER THORNE Serendipity Body Oil equally hydrates your skin and relaxes your mind. In this bundle you’ll also receive a copy of THE BEAUTY MOOD GUIDE Digital Download which is a great tool to have to help you utilize the full benefits of these products, and how to mentally care for yourself when life’s pressure are affecting your mood.

 Once you’ve nailed down a spiritual self-care routine that works for you, share it. And each time you evolve and thus your spiritual care routine evolves, share it again. We’re in this together, so it’s time to stop being bashful. Spiritual support is invaluable towards personal growth. And if we can each help make one person better, imagine how much of a better place the world will be. It could all really be that simple, but you’re scared to share.


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