Woman sleeping in bed while wearing underwear.

I don’t understand why sleeping naked is so controversial. If you knew the benefits it has for your beauty sleep, you might reconsider shedding some layers. The free-spirited Gemini in me always preferred sleeping naked before I knew of the advantages. I love to sleep to recharge and reset my body and attitude. I don’t know of any other method or product that can do what sleep does for me. And after I found out that there was actual science behind what I already felt to be true, there was no going back. Compounded with some of the best products to help you sleep better, I’ve been feeling brand new lately. Free yourself by sleeping naked and you’ll look, and feel, more beautiful because of it. 

I feel insulted when someone tells me I look tired. Conversely when someone tells me I look refreshed and well-rested, it puts a huge smile on my face. I react accordingly to each scenario because the comments are usually indicative of how I feel. We take sleep for granted in today’s society, but I know that I need my beauty rest.  And I sleep naked to get the most out of it. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleeping naked helps keep your body temperature regulated so that you fall asleep quickly and stay sound asleep throughout the night. In deep sleep is when your body restores and repairs itself, so it is imperative that we reach all stages of sleep and for as long as possible. And since sleeping is one of my favorite things to do, I use some of the best beauty products to help me get the most out of my sleep. Beauty sleep is essential, so I do what I can to assist my body and mind every night. 


When I have a great night’s sleep, I’m more radiant and super productive. A good night’s rest is absolutely necessary for your overall health and productivity.  During sleep is when your body revitalizes itself and builds up your energy for the next day. Sleeping nude helps your body do this is by speeding up your metabolism. Due to the lack of clothes when sleeping naked your body remains cooler throughout the night, which causes it to produce an abundance of brown fat. Brown fat creates internal body heat by burning calories, which will continue throughout the next day. So taking it off, can literally help you take it off.


Your skin heals and recovers while you snooze, so the deeper the sleep the better. The 3rd and 4th stages of sleep are where your body works on its skin tissues, muscles, and immune system. Sleeping naked helps you get to these phases quicker and stay there longer. You’re not unknowingly distracted, and you’re more relaxed, so you get to have a deeper slumber. Additionally since your body is cooler, and not dehydrated from being too warm, you retain moisture which is great for your skin.


Sleeping naked, without extra layers, can help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer. Overall our bodies need to rest in cooler temperatures to get the most out of sleep sessions. That’s what the experts at the National Sleep Foundation say. In a article they explained that the ideal temperature for sleep is between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. So if you’re having trouble falling asleep lowering the temperature, or sleeping naked, can help. And I’m no expert, but in my opinion it’s much more comfortable to sleep in the buff anyways.


When you’re stressed it shows up on your face, and can affect your health. Our body reacts to mental stressors to let us know it’s time to make a change. And although stress and anxiety can keep you up at night, sleep can be the cure for them as well. Clearing your mind before sleep can help it stay that way during and when you wake up. And stress-free rest will also having you looking more radiant in the morning. So taking the time to meditate, pray, and ease your mind before lying down is essential for good beauty sleep.


Since sleeping naked helps regulate your body temperature and keep you cool at night you’re able to sleep longer. If your body is too hot you’ll wake up throughout the night, which can prevent you from getting the most out of the REM stage of sleep. This happens because your body loses more moisture in the heat (think dehydration), which causes your body to react and wake up. So sleeping naked can eliminate this and allow you to sleep longer and more soundly. All the cool people sleep naked anyways. Pun intended.

It may sound silly, but sleeping naked is hands down one of my favorite hobbies. That renewed feeling when you wake up from a deep sleep is unmatched.  Especially when you use the best beauty products to help you sleep better. Not to mention the overall confidence boosting effect sleeping in the buff gives you by uninhibitedly releasing yourself. You’ll not only sleep better, but you’ll subconsciously learn to love yourself all little more. The benefits of a good beauty rest are immense, so make sure you indulge freely.


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