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Have you ever just randomly felt like you needed a break from life?  I know I can’t be the only one. As beautiful as life can be, sometimes it’s quite the opposite. And I don’t even mean just when tragedy or tough situations strike.  Sometimes the doldrums of everyday life is enough to make you want to make an escape.  You’re so used to living through, or doing, things that you don’t notice the toll they’re taking on your spirit until… you just need a break.  And sometimes we don’t know where to turn for that quick break. But I knew my daily coping mechanisms and indulgences weren’t solving the problem. However interestingly enough, a journey to find the best juice cleanses ultimately led to a much needed detox for my body and mind. So maybe the break you’re looking for starts with a cleanse too.

If you’re anything like me, when you need a quick mental break you dive into a bag of chips or make a detour to Chipotle. And of course a good body mask at night makes me feel like I’m clearing the mess away. But although food can be comforting, the indulgences were adding up and my body was starting to feel it. And I noticed that my choices were exacerbating how I was feeling mentally because of the drain on my body. Your body can hear what your mind says, and contrariwise your mind feels what your body feels. It didn’t take long to connect the dots that I needed to detox both my body and mind. Juice cleanses are an amazing way to reset your body and fuel it with only the good stuff. And the interconnection between the best juice cleanses for your body and a break for your mind is priceless.


A juice cleanse is one of the best ways to give your body a fresh start. Straying away from unhealthy foods for a nutrient rich juice diet has immense benefits for your body. Firstly, juice cleanses are made from fruits and vegetables so they are full of vitamins and minerals that detoxify your body and boost your immune system.  Juice cleanses also hydrate your body which is an essential part of it running properly from your energy levels, to your digestive track, and much more. Furthermore when your body is clean and hydrated you get more out of your beauty sleep, so you look good and feel energized. For an even bigger check mark, when you treat your body good it shows through your skin.  The increased hydration, riddance of toxins, and improved sleep all lead to glowing skin. So take a break and give your body something good.


Sometimes a break from life can be as simple as a detour from your usual routine. When you feel stuck in place, shake some things up in your life. A juice cleanse is a perfect way to do that because it’s an escape, and a challenge, that yields healthy results. So whether your juice cleanse is 1-day, 3-day, or 10-days, you’ll feel the change inside. And when your body feels better and your energy is at all-time high, your mind has more clarity.  This is a power you can harness to achieve goals, figure out your next move, and have better days. Aside from these invaluable benefits, investing in your health is a huge accomplishment no matter how small the step is. So being able to successfully take a break from your norm to help the future you deserves a pat on the back. So let some of the best juice cleanses help you detoxify your body, and your mind.

If we learn to build small escapes into our normal routines, life will be better.  Sometimes you don’t realize how draining the stagnation of your day or innocent habits can be.  We have to consistently and purposefully stir things up.  Not only is it ok, it’s fun, and necessary.  And adding the best juice cleanses to your diet is just one small way to do that.  Try them, and also dig deep to find other breaks that will make you a little happier day by day.


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